Apple Activation Lock – What Happened?!

Apple Activation Lock

Recently, we here at PJ Networks have run into an issue involving the Apple iCloud activation lock server. In short – They are gone as of Mid-January of 2017. What does that mean to the average user? Well, a few things actually.

The Activation Lock servers were originally intended to keep stolen or lost iPhone safe from being used or accessed by a thief. They communicate the devices unique identification number to Apple’s servers, and these servers tell the device to not open without an iCloud login. This is to confirm that the one using the device is actually the person whose iCloud was setup with the phone. Recently, the Apple activation lock server, found here, has vanished! Apple has pulled the web page, and server, as thieves and hackers have found a way to trick the server to get around this activation lock on stolen devices.

Apple has not released much information about this issue, and even took down the server without notice to any users. All reported instances of this issue have only been met with “Apple is aware of the issue” and “Apple is working on a fix” responses on support forums and blogs. So, unfortunately for the moment, these devices are unusable until a fix or work around is found.

But what if you know your iCloud email and password? Well, that doesn’t change much. Unfortunately, with Apples removal of the server all together, the device is communicating the email and password to a server that doesn’t exist, and feeding back a default message: That your username or password is incorrect, or that servers can not be reached.

If you’d like to read more about this issue, feel free to check out the links below for more details.

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               We’ll make sure to keep an eye out for any news about a fix, but until then, Stay safe out there!

- The PJ Networks Team

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