The EquiFax Data Breach Was Even Worse Than They Told Us

Data Breach

Well, it seems that a lot more data was stolen from Equifax when hackers were able to get their hands on the credit information and personal data of 145 MILLION American citizens.

They also gained access to tax identification numbers,  additional driver's license information ande-mail addresses.  

So, what does that mean for the majority of us who have had our data stolen?  Keep in mind that we already knew that the hackers had our Social Security Numbers, driver's license numbers, birthdays and addresses - everything that a potential identity thief would need to apply for a loan or file fraudulent tax returns in our names.  The additional information that they stole (which we are just now finding out about) will make it that much easier to do these things, plus it gives them that much more information that they can sell on the Underground Market.  Not to mention the fact that they now have our e-mail addresses, so that they can use them to initiate phishing scams that look like they were sent from us, or to send us targeted phishing scam e-mails.

Here are some articles with additional information  for those of you who wish to find out more:


From ZDNet:

...and from

This article from TrendMicro explains what hackers can use stolen data for:

What will happen to EquiFax for allowing this massive amount of personal data to be stolen due to their negligence?  That decision lies in the hands of our federal government, but in these times of deregulation and putting corporate gains ahead of the individual rights and protections of American citizens, I would not hold my breath waiting for some kind of punishment to be administered.

In the meantime, let's be careful out there.  Very careful, indeed.

     -The PJ Networks Team


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