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PJ Networks has partnered with Greenlink Networks to offer robust, full-featured, business-class Voice over IP (VoIP) phone solutions that can be customized to fit your business needs and scaled for any size organization.  VoIP phones are different from traditional analog PBX phone systems in that they do not require a dial tone to work - they communicate through local and Internet network connections.  Unlike many other VoIP phone systems, our VoIP phone handsets can be moved from location to location and still work without the need to reconfigure firewalls, rewire business offices or reprogram the phones in most cases.  

That's right - you can literally unplug your handset from the network at your office, take it home and plug it into the broadband Internet modem, switch or firewall at your residence, and it will function exactly the way that it does at your office!  It will still have your extension number, and you can still forward calls to other users, park calls on hold and intercom other employees in your company - just like you were still at your desk at work.

That also means that if your business has more than one office, ALL of them can be integrated into the same phone system and interact with each other as if everyone is working at the same physical location. Imagine the freedom and possibilities that would open up for your organization.  The Greenlink VoIP system is the perfect solution for companies that have multiple branch offices, or employees that work from home but still need to be integrated fully into your business infrastructure.  You will be able see who is currently on a phone call at any location, and manage calls just as if everyone is working  at the same office.

Our VoIP solutions include all of the same features that you expect from a modern business-class phone system, such as voicemail-to-email forwarding, Caller ID, call screening, and multi-follow (allows you to have your desk phone and cellphone ring in sequence or both at the same time). Plus, they are backed by PJ Networks' established reputation as a premiere IT support company and Managed Services Provider.

Here is a full list of the features that are included with every system:

1 Free Local Number per extension (DID)
Unlimited calling
Unlimited Support
Music on Hold
Voicemail to Email
Extensions for every handset
Call Forwarding
BLF – Busy Lamp Field
Paging / Intercom
Time Conditions (Schedules)
Ring Groups
Multi-site support
Caller ID with CNAM (name display)
Unlimited Incoming Fax to Email
Free number porting
1 Free Toll Free Number per account
Advanced Auto-Attendant
Dial by Name Directory
End-user / Admin portal
Multi-Follow (follow me)
3-way calling
Call Parking
Side Car Support
Purchase, Rent, Use your existing phones.
Customized Greetings
Provisioning Templates

Affordable Up Front Pricing

You don't have to wait to find out what the pricing is for our VoIP service or the phone handsets.  You can click this link to look at how much the plans cost with a one-year or three-year commitment:  GreenLink Plans

There is special pricing for nonprofit organizations and government agencies - just $19.99/month for each extension - but that price is also available to any business that signs up for 3 years of VoIP service.  

The handsets that you use with your extensions are available either as a purchase or a monthly rental.  This link will take you directly to the list of available handsets, equipment and pricing:  GreenLink Handsets

Our experience has been that Yealink handsets offer the best bang-for-buck, with exceptional call quality, flexibility and compatibility, and our clients find them extremely easy to use.  However, if you already have Polycom or GrandStream handsets at your place of business, there is a good chance that they can  be reprogrammed to work with GreenLink VoIP services, as well.

So, what are you waiting for?  PJ Networks has fully functional GreenLink handsets configured and ready to bring over to your office for a complete hands-on demo, and as long as you can provide us with a single live network jack with an Internet connection, that should be all that we need to get our demo handsets live and ready to use within minutes.  It's that easy - that's the PJ Networks Experience.

Call us to schedule a free GreenLink Networks VoIP phone demo!

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