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PJ Networks’ Managed Services offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your technology is safe, secure, and optimized for total compliance. As a business owner, you need to focus on the big picture, but your IT systems need constant attention. That’s where we come in, managing the processes that keep your business going strong, and navigating you through any potential problems on the horizon, planning and budgeting for any eventuality. You can focus on what you need to do for your business. Our managed services will take care of the rest.


We offer remote monitoring services that allow us to monitor our clients’ servers and critical workstations proactively and catch problems before they become critical and cause downtime. We review the monitoring logs on a daily basis to look for any signs of potential problems or issues, and we receive immediate alerts whenever a critical service fails or an issue needs prompt attention, such as a failing hard drive or a server that goes offline. Our monitoring software keeps an eye on system health, security and performance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our Managed Antivirus software allows us to keep an eye on potential security-threatening infections and manage the updates and upgrades for you. In the event of a virus alert, we have the ability to launch a complete system scan remotely from the management console.


We also provide Patch Management services for Microsoft and third party software, such as Adobe Flash Player and Java Runtime, that can present potential vulnerabilities if they are not kept up-to-date. Our monitoring console will alert us when a client computer has detected an infection, has out-of-date antivirus definitions or software versions - and even tells us if the Windows Firewall gets turned off. 

PLEASE NOTE: PJ Network's Managed Remote Monitoring Services provide detailed information about computer and network security and system health. This service is intended to keep computer systems up to date and detect issues before they become critical and cause system downtime. However, they do not automatically solve all computer issues – but they do report them back to our Management Console and alert us to them. Any detected issue that cannot be resolved from within the console (Windows Updates, software patches, antivirus alerts) and requires either a remote connection or on-site support will be billed at our standard labor rate.



We can perform in-depth HIPAA and PCI security compliance reviews for clients and then either assist with the remediation of any non-compliant items or provide you with a checklist that you can use to address non-compliant issues yourself.. We can also assist you with assembling all of required forms and documents that are necessary in order to establish proof of HIPAA/PCI compliance in the event of a compliance audit.


Don't get left behind as more and more businesses move to the cloud for their e-mail services and productivity software. PJ Networks can migrate your existing company e-mail system and mailboxes up to a Microsoft Exchange hosted account with full Activesync functionality, which means that your mailbox is accessible at anytime from anywhere that there is an Internet connection available, and it can be fully synchronized with your workstation, home computer, smartphone and tablet at all times.


​We provide cloud-based VOIP solutions, through our RingCentral partnership, for clients who have sufficient bandwidth to support it. A high-end DSL connection is the minimum recommend Internet service to use with a VOIP solution, and most cable Internet or high-speed fiber Internet service can easily handle the requirements of VOIP. RingCentral is one of America’s most popular and highly-rated VOIP solutions available.


Other common services are performed at our hourly rate. These services include: Server installation and maintenance, workstation installation and maintenance, Microsoft Exchange for self-hosted e-mail, wireless solutions, remote connectivity, network security and so much more.

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