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Your employees need to be able to work remotely.

PJ Networks can make that happen.

We offer reliable remote workplace solutions that are secure and easy to use.

What Is A Remote Workplace Solution?

A Remote Workplace solution is simply a method of providing your employees with the ability to work remotely, typically through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.  The purpose is to provide employees with remote access to the company resources that they need to do their jobs.  You will sometimes hear Remote Workplace referred to as a Telecommuting or Telework solution.  

Whether you manage a small law office with a handful of employees or a larger accounting firm with 50 people who report to work every day, there are going to be times when you want to allow them to work remotely from home or when they are traveling for business reasons.  Providing a solution for working remotely does not have to be complicated, expensive or pose a risk to the security of your business network. Over the past 15 years, PJ Networks has deployed hundreds of remote workplace connections and solutions for local businesses, and we are experts at designing, installing and supporting a secure Remote Workplace environment.

How Does A Remote Workplace Work?

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It's pretty straightforward: A business-class firewall that is capable of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections is installed on your business network.  Each user will have their own user name and password that allows them to connect into your work network.  Once you connect into the VPN, you can then launch a Remote Desktop session from aWindows or Mac computer to the computer that you use at the office, and all of your programs, data files, printers and shortcuts will be available to you - just like when you are sitting your desk!  

You can even create shortcuts and map drive letters back to your remote computer so that you can access data files at the office without having to log directly into your work computer.  Most local printers will work for remote users, too, without having to install any special software or drivers to be able to print remotely.

Why Do I Need A Remote Workplace Solution?

Most businesses have at least a handful of employees who are "real troopers".  They will drag themselves into work no matter how sick they are - even when you tell them to stay home and rest - because they are dedicated to their jobs and committed to the success of your business.  But, what happens if they come down with the flu or some other illness that you would rather not allow to spread to the rest of your staff?  Have you given them a way to work remotely, so that they can get their work done without risking the chance of getting your other team members sick?

Sick Woman Working Remotely
Woman Working From Home

There are many reasons to provide a Remote Workplace solution for your business.  Sometimes schools are closed for an extended holiday, or a child needs to stay home from school due to illness.  Sometimes the weather can make it dangerous to be out on the roads.  Wouldn't it be wise to have a Remote Workplace solution in place before an emergency arises, rather than wait until something happens that can impact your ability to do business?

How Does It Protect My Business?

The Center for Disease Control is recommending that when an employee starts to feel like they are coming down with an illness, they should stay at home and not risk spreading their germs around your office space.  But, deadlines still need to be met, payroll has to run on time and business continuity needs to me maintained.   If an employee is seriously ill, then of course you want them to stay in bed and rest, but it is usually during the first stages of an illness that it is the most contagious.  

People Working From Home

By the time they realize how sick they really are, they may have already come into contact with other members of your staff at the water cooler, copier, coffee machine or a shared a computer desk space.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're doing the right thing for your employees and your business; call PJ Networks today, so that we can visit your office for a FREE evaluation of your business network environment.  A secure VPN connection that will provide your employees with the ability to connect into your business network does not require a lot of bandwidth - a typical 50Gbps cable or DSL Internet service is enough to support over a dozen simultaneous VPN connections in most cases, without the need to upgrade your Internet service or increase your speeds.

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