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Employee Vulnerability Assessment and Awareness Training

CyberLookout Sentry

How many of your employees would click on the link in this e-mail?

Sample Spam

Regardless of your business type, company size or how much data you have to protect, all it takes is for one employee to click on the wrong web link or to open the wrong e-mail attachment and you suddenly have an unexpected disaster on your hands.  

Data Security Starts With

Employee Vulnerability Awareness

Let CyberLookout handle all of those concerns for you.

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CyberSecurity isn’t just about network policies, firewalls and software protection.

Depending on which reports you read and what metrics are being evaluated, the statistics show that anywhere from

75% to 95% of all data breaches occur as a result of HUMAN ERROR

CyberLookout is a complete TURN-KEY Employee Vulnerability Training and Assessment Program

We provide you with everything you need for a complete, ongoing, measurable and documented employee data security protection program for your company, including:

  • Dark Web data breach searches to see where your company data has been compromised in the past
  • Realtime Dark Web monitoring to alert you as soon as any company credentials show up on the Dark Web
  • Online management portal to track employee ratings,  generate reports, manage security documents and much more
  • Individual employee training portals to access cybersecurity videos, quizzes and certifications
  • A complete online cybersecurity training program, with exams and printable certificates
  • Random phishing e-mail simulations to test your employees’ awareness
  • Weekly 3-minute micro training videos and quizzes to keep your employees focused on data protection
  • Monthly newsletters to cover important topics and recent cybersecurity news and alerts
  • Employee rankings to see which employees present the highest risk to your company data
  • Written security policy templates that you can use for your business
  • An online repository for keeping all of your security-related documents, forms and documentation
  • …and SO MUCH MORE!

Unleash the power of EVA!

(Employee Vulnerability Awareness)

CyberLookout Features

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