​PJ Networks provides professional installation of commercial grade indoor and outdoor wireless networks in offices, schools, campgrounds, large estates, & homes.

Applications on our wireless devices are continually increasing our productivity by enabling our businesses to go mobile. Offering a wireless network throughout your premises enables your employees efficiency and increases your guest satisfaction. 

Why should you choose PJ Networks to build your wireless network? Our wireless engineers analyze your current and future environment to design specific plans relative to your needs, ensuring proper installation and function of your network. Once installed, we will test your new network and provide training of its features and operation. You will be able to easily monitor and adjust network settings from your own computer. 

  • Private and secure WiFi connection for employees
  • Guest WiFi connection for your customers
  • Monitor users
  • Throttle / cap guest access
  • Save money on your cell phone bill
  • Access wireless printers
  • Unified SSID broadcast names across entire network
Misty Mountain Campground

40 acre wireless network installed by PJ Networks

PJ Networks Misty Mountain Campground Wireless

Are you having issues with your current wireless network? 

Sometimes your current system just needs little tweaking. Our engineers have experience with a large variety of wireless products and are happy to resolve any network issues you may have. Sometimes, all it takes is a phone call. 

Increase Your Productivity And Enable Your Businesses Success!

PJ Networks Wireless Network Installation & Repair